This new treatment could make pancreatic cancer a manageable disease

 |  Deborah and Louise
 |  February,09,2017

Cancer is among the leading causes of death worldwide. There were ap

Eating standing up – is it really bad for you?

 |  James Brown
 |  January,16,2017

These days, many of us are flooded with advice on what to eat, when

Fungus-infecting virus could help track spread of white-nose syndrome in bats

 |  Penn State
 |  December,23,2016

A newly discovered virus infecting the fungus that causes white-nose

Sunlight offers surprise benefit: It energizes infection fighting T cells

 |  Georgetown University
 |  December,20,2016

Sunlight allows us to make vitamin D, credited with healthier living

Why batteries have started catching fire so often

 |  Richard Andrew Williams
 |  November,14,2016

All our lives we have relied on batteries in everything from mobile

We can’t simply bet on renewable energy to stop global warming

 |  Steffen Böhm
 |  November,07,2016

The Paris climate agreement has now officially come into force. Alth

Alzheimer’s breakthrough? Have we nearly cured dementia? Not just yet…

 |  Paul Maruff
 |  July,15,2016

My mother-in-law called me yesterday. She doesn’t quite know w

Zika and Dengue Immunity: A Complex Relationship

 |  Amanda B. Keener
 |  June,28,2016

Dengue researchers around the world have been cracking open their fr

Carbon nanobubbles as containers with unusual loading and release properties

 |  Angewandte Chemie
 |  June,17,2016

Nanocapsules are used, for example, to protect sensitive products in

Mouse pups born to mothers fed a high-fat diet lack a gut microbe that promotes social behavior, scientists show.

 |  Ruth Williams
 |  June,16,2016

The offspring of certain mice fed a high-fat diet have altered gut m

Improving Gene Therapy with In Vivo Selection

 |  Tanya Lewis
 |  June,08,2016

Gene therapy offers promise for treating genetic disorders, but the